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Purveyors of Deli & Prepared Foods, Fine Wine, Artisanal Spirits, Craft Beers & Ales, Gifts

Fairchild's Market Place

171 Eagle Rock Avenue

Roseland, New Jersey




Caldwell Market Place

5 Park Avenue

Caldwell, New Jersey 





Hi Everyone,

Our holiday hours will be:

Fairchild's Sunday,10-3 Monday, 9-3

Monday, 10-1

Our specials this week are:

Prime Rib Steaks, regularly $23.99 lb., on sale for $18.99 lb

Baby Back Ribs, regularly $9.99 lb., on sale for $7.99 lb

35 Day Dry Aged Tomahawk Steaks,
Regularly $35.99, on sale for $28.99

If you'd like your order cryrovaced, we'll be glad to do that for you.

The next few months celebrate alot of special events for many people. We'd be honored if you'd consider us when choosing a caterer. Our catering menus and meat packages are on our websites. Take a look at the great reviews we've been fortunate to have received from our customers.

We have the following types of meat: Choice, Prime, Waygu and Dry Aged. Our Chicken is Bell and Evans. Our pork chops are customer favorites.

Our sauces, soups mozzarella, and various kinds of sausage are all freshly made in our stores along with many other items.

We have a great selection of prepared foods for grab and go lunches and dinner. Our sandwiches and subs are lunchtime favorites. Fairchild's is famous for it's sloppy joes and mushroom soup!